Keeney Rigging & Trucking, Inc. was first established as Christie Rigging and Trucking in 1967 by Herbert Keeney and was the largest rigging and trucking company in New England at the time. David Keeney later took over Keeney Rigging & Trucking, Inc. in 1989 and has projected and maintained a healthy business sense, customer satisfaction, safety, and continual success. David Keeney began his apprenticeship and career in rigging and trucking in 1968 and has acquired the precision, experience, and knowledge of new and old rigging and trucking techniques that are rarely found in today's times. David Keeney prides himself and Keeney Rigging & Trucking, Inc. on his belief that there is, "No job too big, small, or difficult." Keeney Rigging & Trucking, Inc. has completed projects that have required certain skills and specialty knowledge that have been attained throughout his 41 years of rigging, trucking, relocating, and international transporting. Keeney Rigging & Trucking, Inc. has been a member of SC&RA, Specialized Carriers and Riggers Association since the time of establishment and has completed certified specialized training programs through OSHA which has resulted in a recognized reputation that stands out among others. One of many assets that set us above others is the Gantry Service. The Gantry Service is a 300 ton four point hydraulic gantry that can handle crucial operations that cannot be handled without this equipment. With a safe, reliable staff that is trained and specialized in handling various types of materials we are here to help, support, and move desirable products for our customers. Another quality of our services involves assistance in millwright including but not limited to; all electrical, piping, welding, fabrication, leveling and aligning assignments. Keeney Rigging & Tucking, Inc. is not only licensed in 48 states but maintains operating authority in Mexico and Canada. Our international transportation and shipping process is expedited from portal to portal, protected with vapor-barrier protection, customs, off loading and final destination delivery in a speedy and cautious manner. Keeney Rigging & Trucking, Inc. also offers an equipment and machinery storage facility for customers with limited space to maintain proper environmental handling of equipment and machinery.

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