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Gantry Services
Detachable/Expandable Air-Ride Trailers
Crane Service
Vapor-Barrier Protection

Vapor-Barrier Protection
Vapor-Barrier Protection protects any product being transported from moisture damage, corrosion, UV damage, and chemical damage. Vapor-Barrier Protection is helpful when shipping electrical and metal goods.
Crane Service-
  • Equipment erection precision 30-100 tons

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    Gantry Services-
    The gantry service that is offered by Keeney Rigging & Trucking, Inc. allows for extreme weights to be lifted and relocated. The gantry service is a four-point hoisting unit with a 300-ton loading capacity and a customizable height setting. This service has been used in previous projects to lift sensitive materials, both in and outdoors, with excess weight that could not have been completed without this equipment.

    Detachable/Expandable Air Ride Trailers-
    Keeney Rigging & Trucking, Inc. keeps sensitive materials and products in mind and is equipped with all detachable, expandable, air-ride trailers to provide a smooth ride to the final destination.

    Keeney Rigging & Trucking, Inc. has several sized forklifts with lifting capacities of up to 30 tons.

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